Connect or Not is produced as part of the Emperor’s New Architecture doctoral research into the relationship between built structures and seamless infrastructures. It is meant to collect data for practical experimentation and prototyping of interactive environments. The app is developed with the support of SINLAB research project by Selena Savić in collaboration with Louis David Jean Magarshack.
Connect or Not uses Netcounter by Cyril Jaquier as a base for traffic counting and Redpin indoor positioning system for position contextualisation.
Connect or Not is released under the GNU GPLv3 and its source code available at source code at GitHub.

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The aim of the Emperor’s New Architecture research is to demonstrate how wireless networks inhabit physical space. Can the presence of wireless signals define the space and its use in a similar way like physical structure does? What happens when wireless signals meet the built environment? How can we explore the electromagnetic environment formed by our wireless communication?

Connect or Not is a tool that actively captures your smartphone’s usage of cell towers and WIFI traffic exchange. However, it does not record or save any personal information (like websites you browse, HTTP packets, passwords, etc) It only records the quantities of data exchange. Thus, it is using your phone as an electromagnetic metering device. Network traffic is spatially contextualised. The position of the device is tracked simultaneously with the amount of traffic it produces giving us a more accurate idea of the distribution of wireless signals in the room.