menu options

The main application menu allows you to access different advanced options. You can choose to import or export data to a .csv file, edit the sending interval and reset data in the database. In the main menu you can also enable OSC transmission, as well as access position tracking options.


  1. import / export
  2. Connect or Not allows you to export the values from its data base to a .csv file on the phone. It is also possible to import data from a previously stored .csv file into its database. This is used in the playback mode to re-play the data as it was recorded. The user can also choose to upload the .csv file to the server where the data from the app is stored anonymously and used for analysis.

  3. edit sending interval
  4. The sending interval is the time between two individual messages application sends to the server. Each time it sends the message, the app first reads the phone usage and position and updates its internal database. The sending interval is set by default to 10 seconds but can be anything from 1 to any number of seconds. Beware that the frequency of sending affects battery life – something between 5 and 10 seconds is a reasonable frequency.

  5. reset data
  6. Reset data resets the database back to it’s original values. Each time the device sends a message, it takes into account the previous values that were sent and subtracts them from the current value. After pressing Reset data, the app will send the full values again.